Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Queen of Peace Foundation. All major decisions are discussed and ratified by the Board which meets monthly. During meetings the Board discusses all matters of major strategic importance and is engaged, involved, and supportive in the efforts and goals set by the bylaws of the Foundation.

They put the key issues on the table and discuss them, they are engaged in the important issues and they are upfront and open about their opinions on them. They are respectful of the other Directors and listen carefully to opposing opinions.

V. Rev. Canon Andrew R. Johnson

Co-Founder and Director

Rev. Fr. Bernard Poggi


Irma Massis


Kheloud Bader


Joseph Hijazin

Mouna Malouf-Kayed

Gloria Salah

Maha Zumot

Queen of Peace Foundation

Attn: Rev. Canon Andrew Johnson

9317 Cactus Wood Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89134 USA

Phone: (415) 452-9634

Parish Office, St. Thomas More Church

San Francisco, California 94132 USA