The Queen of Peace Foundation is a 100% Non-Profit section 501(c)(3) USA Corporation founded in 2006 at the request of Patriarch Emeritus Fouad Twal during his pastoral visit to San Francisco. Since then through the grace of our Patroness, the Queen of Peace, and through the efforts of our dynamic Co-Founders, the Rev. Msgr. Labib Kobti and Rev. Canon Andrew Johnson, we have made strides towards establishing and fulfilling our mission. It also took the mighty work of a beloved benefactor to this organization, Mr. Cyrus Johnson, ESQ who helped us on the legal end of things. We strive to operate a foundation which seeks the intent of the donor while fulfilling the needs of the less fortunate. In order for us to fulfill our goal completely we came to the realization that we would work solely on the basis of charity so that every dollar raised will go to help the needy. In following, we are the ONLY organization of its kind with no salaries, no hidden fees, and no commissions.

Queen of Peace Foundation

Attn: Rev. Canon Andrew Johnson

9317 Cactus Wood Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89134 USA

Phone: (415) 452-9634

Parish Office, St. Thomas More Church

San Francisco, California 94132 USA